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The versatile AKG C214 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone is designed to record lead vocals, drums, acoustic instruments, and guitar amplifiers in the studio, on stage, or in broadcasting situations. Conceived as a cost-effective alternative to the renowned C414 microphone, this microphone uses the same 1" capsule but in a single-diaphragm, cardioid-only configuration. The transducer features technology that allows the membrane to vibrate freely, resulting in a wide frequency range and detailed transients, even at high sound-pressure levels.

With the additions of a switchable -20 dB pad and a 160 Hz low-cut filter, the C214 is well suited for close-miking applications as well as overhead placement. The C214 is a rugged microphone built to withstand the severities of professional studios or the road. The integrated capsule suspension helps reduce mechanical noise and resonance for a cleaner sound. The die-cast metal body with shock- and scratch-resistant finish features a double-mesh grille which protects the capsule and ensures efficient rejection of RF interference without affecting acoustics. The C214 comes with a metal carrying case, a foam windscreen, and a spider-type shockmount.

AKG Pro Audio C214 professional large diaphragm condenser microphone

    • For Voice, Instruments, Drums & Cabs
    • Cardioid Pattern Lowers Stage/Room Noise
    • Switchable Pad Prevents Distortion
    • Low-Cut Filter Suppresses Bass Buildup
    • Shockmount Inhibits Vibration Noise
    • Single-Diaphragm Version of C414 Capsule
    • Low Noise and High Dynamic Range
    • Includes Metal Carrying Case
    • XLR Output for Hookup to Mic Preamp
    • Operates on 48V Phantom Power
  • $323

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