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Made for use with LED or strobe fixtures, the Lantern 90 from Aputure casts a near 360° soft light that spreads evenly over a large area. You can mount it horizontally or hang it overhead on a boom to raise the ambient light level, open up shadows, and let more focused fixtures work their magic.

To add versatility to the lantern, Aputure includes a skirt to control the light. Using the skirt on all four sides limits the beam to a pool of soft light, while covering one side directs the light or creates a light-to-dark ratio to add dimension. The Lantern 90 has a Bowens speed ring for Aputure lights, but it can also be used on lights made by the many other manufacturers that employ this popular mount.

Aputure Lantern 90 (3')

    • 3-Foot Diameter
    • 1-Stop White Translucent
    • Includes Skirt for Controlling Light
    • Near 360° Beam Angle
    • Built-In Bowens Speed Ring
    • For Hanging Overhead
    • For LEDs or Strobe
  • $139

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