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The Amber Fog 400 LED 400W Fog Machine is an atmospheric fog machine with three integrated 3W amber LEDs that can produce a remarkable flame effect. The 400W machine can generate up to 1800 ft³ per minute and only requires a three-minute warm-up time. The internal tank holds 8.5 oz, and the amber LEDs can be switched on/off from the rear of the unit. The Amber Fog 400 includes a wired remote and power cord.

Fog machine w/13 colorful LED lights+ fog juice

    • 3 x 3W Amber LEDs for Flame Effect
    • Produces 1800 ft³ per Minute
    • Tank Capacity: 8.5 oz
    • Heat-Up Time: 3 Minutes
    • Includes Wired Remote & Power Cord
  • $95

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