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The problem with using flags on the road is the portability factor. Let's face it, it's a real pain to pack and transport them. Digital Juice offers an ingenious solution to the problem with the Pro Flag Kit (24 x 36").

The kit comes with five 3-sided collapsible 24 x 36" frames that expand and lock into place in seconds. 5 fabrics are included: black single net scrim, black double-net scrim, solid black block, one stop silk and 2 stop white silk. Each cuts the output of a light by a different percentage and offers a different look or function. A 6.0" solid black dot and a single net black dot are included, as well as a 4.0 x 14" solid black finger and a single net finger to shape the light when working with smaller subjects.


Each type of fabric scrim or screen blocks or diminishes light to a different degree. Having a variety of options at hand means you can fine-tune lighting easily in any situation or environment.

Easy Storage

The removable fabric screens and scrims fold up for safe storage and travel inside the carry bag.


Constructed from durable steel, these three-sided collapsible frames have 2 arms that fold out at 90-degree angles from the center bar and lock into place. In combination with the easily interchangeable fabric covers, these flag frames can be easily mounted to any standard grip head. The collapsible frame allows for easy transport and storage.

Glow frame scrim kit complet studio flag and diffusion set 24X36

    • 5x Flag Frames
    • 2x Black Net
    • 1x 1-Stop Silk
    • 1x 2-Stop Silk
    • 1x Solid Black
    • 1x 6.0" Solid Dot
    • 1x 6.0" Single Net Dot
    • 1x 4.0 x 14" Solid Finger
    • 1x 4.0 x 14" Single Net Finger
  • $152

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