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Using a very compact design—just 13" long—the Micro 2 Micro Rail Slider from Zeapon allows you to perform smooth manual slides across a travel distance of 21". It's small enough to fit in most bags, and it can be used for close-up and midrange shots with a maximum payload of 17.5 lb. The Micro 2 uses fluid-dampened friction technology to produce smooth and consistent motion in accordance with how much pressure you apply, no motor required. As you manually push the carriage, it travels a distance of 11", then as the carriage reaches the end of its section, the rails continue to move for a total range of 21".

The Micro 2 slider supports the separately available, low-profile EasyLock mounting platform for use on flat surfaces as well as on uneven ground. A dust guard protects the rails against debris, and a button lock secures the slider carriage and rails for transport.

Zeapon Micro 2remote mortorized slider (21'/54cm)

    • Dual-Slide Extended Length Design
    • 17.5 lb Maximum Payload
    • Fluid-Dampened, Manual Operation
    • 13" Length, 21" Travel Distance
    • Aluminum Build, Fiber-Reinforced Belts
  • $219

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